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Victoria Kempton

Clairvoyant - Pychic- Author

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Like most psychics, Victoria felt a strange difference between her and her peers. She knew when there was going to be a pop quiz or was able to accurately predict the happenings of other events. Unbeknownst to her, Victoria had a reservoir of natural psychic abilities from an early age. Though others were not able to understand how she was able to predict certain events, Victoria’s mother understood her daughter’s natural gift. Having psychic abilities did set Victoria apart from others. She was proud and felt special to have extraordinary abilities but, unfortunately, she was mocked and bullied by some for being different. Despite all of the judgment, Victoria developed a thick skin and decided to pursue the life of a psychic to guide others on a journey for healing and strengthening their spirit. Victoria’s goal is to help others triumph over life obstacles and achieve their life desires in personal and professional realms.  


In her early twenties, Victoria started her journey by first providing tarot card readings to interested folks in local bars and coffee houses in Cleveland, Ohio. From 25+ years of experience, Victoria has interacted with clients from all walks of life - from the extravagantly wealthy to those who are homeless. Victoria believes if there is anything that unites us all beyond our racial and socioeconomic boundaries, it’s our yearning to be valued, loved and to have a sense of security.  

Holding the belief that we are all equal beyond human created boundaries, Victoria left her blue-collar roots. She feels that she is able to engage with people from all walks of life on whatever level they’re on, and help them find the path they’re looking for without judgment.


Victoria – true to her psychic roots – feels an inner peace when she is able to help another human being reach their true calling in this noisy world.

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5 Star Rave Reviews

Explore the world of Victoria Kempton where she gives an exclusive insight to a metaphysical world she has known for years.


This psychic is Great, She is non-judge mental, Quick and precise in her readings. She made me feel at ease when another psychic made me feel judged and a shame of my situation. I have to wait to see if her prediction come to fruition but I feel certain they will. But I feel everyone should give this psychic a try. I felt it was money well spent... Thanks a million Victoria.. You Rock !!!

Once again you've been there for me when I needed to figure things out & had nowhere else to turn. I thank you for your patience & your amazing gifts. Your advice has helped me more than you know. You are the best!

Sharp, down to earth, accurate, fast, amazing reading- she answered all of my questions. Thank you sooo much Victoria! I feel so much better!!

She is an amazing person. She has helped me so much in one phone call that I could just cry because I am so grateful to have found her. I will definitely be calling her again!

- Tammy
- Connie
- Robin
- Tim
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