Victoria Kempton

Professional Clairvoyant

What would a professional clairvoyant write in the job section of a legal paper or tell her children's teacher about her profession?

Be a part of Victoria Kempton's journey and get an insider's look at how she prevailed as a professional medium. Read about Victoria's tumultuous struggles from how she overcame doubters and bullying to pursue a path of selflessness in helping others regain control of their life to achieve their personal and professional aspirations. Join Victoria Kempton as she takes you through the good, bad and ugly the hilarious the gut-wrenching  of the metaphysical world she's experienced for over two decades.

More About The Book

It's been a rocky path for Victoria Kempton over the past two decades but she has found beauty and serenity in helping others find their true calling. Get prepared for Victoria to demystify popular Hollywood myths about psychics, mediums, clairvoyants or what you want to call them. Victoria will navigate you through the prejudice and doubt she resisted over the years for using her natural abilities. Through the hardship of raising two children as a single-mother, Victoria Kempton beat all odds and has succeeded in becoming a well-respected psychic.

What Others Are Saying...

“Victoria is an AMAZING READER!! Extremely gifted, and down to earth. Provides detailed and accurate information while delivering it in an understanding manner. Her superior understanding of how people connect on all levels attributes to her many years and experience as a reader and teacher. As she and her gifts are precise, honest, and consistent she will NEVER let you down."

I am glad for the insight this book has given me. The casual but certain (and sometimes sassy) explanations of understanding and exploring intuition and Tarot have helped me feel confident in my own practices"

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About The Author

Intuitive, practical and knowledgeable are a few words to describe Victoria Kempton. Inspired by her whirlwind of experiences of the metaphysical world and doing readings for clients for over two decades, Victoria has put together an engaging book that unveils her journey of battling with unsound bias and finding respect as a renowned psychic in Ohio.

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